Murphy's bus laws

  • If its raining, or cold or both the bus will be late
  • If you're running late the bus will be too
  • If  you think you have lots of time before your bus you read the timetable wrong (or its out of date or both)
  • If you're early the bus is late If you're late the bus was early
  • The other people at the bus stop are waiting for the bus that has just pulled in
  • If you have no change then the bus driver won't have any either
  • The customer can be thrown off the bus at any time any explanation necessary
  • Two bus for the same place will always pull in together
  • The sign at the front of the bus is merely for decoration it is not the destination of the bus
  • Waiting for a bus seems to be longer than the journey.
    sent by Pradeep S.
  • If two or more bus routes go to one stop; at least one of each of the others will arrive before the one you want.
    Sent by Rene Chenier
  • The bus you plan to take always leaves five minutes before you reach the bus stop. The bus you do take is always ten minutes late.
    Sent by what'd ya say?
  • The hotter it is outside, bigger the chance there's no air conditioning.
  • The first bus from your route will always appear first in the opposite direction.
  • If you seem to catch the last bus of the day, it left two minutes earlier.
  • The more times you ask the driver to tell you when to get off the bus, the chance he won't tell you is bigger.
    The last four laws were sent by The Sorokman
  • It seems like a long time you are waiting for the bus, so you pull out a cigarette and light it, then here comes the bus.
    Sent by Arthur Caldwell
    Or the short version
    If you light a cigarette, the bus will come.
    Sent by
    Elias Stroulias says it applies to cabs as welll
  • If you will light the cigarette in order to hurry up the arrival of the bus, it will be late.
    Sent by Yehuda Dodo
  • Chat with a pretty girl, or light a cigarette, and the bus will arrive immediately.
    Sent by Francoboom
  • The bus schedule should be known as one of the most exquisitly creative and vividly imaginary forms of fiction ever devised by man.
    Sent by Francoboom
  • If you are early, the bus will be late.
    Corollary: If you are late, the bus will be on time
    Sent by Lonnie McLaughlin
  • if you are late to the bus-station, the bus will be on time.
    sent by Henk
  • If you must take a bus there's a strike.
    Sent by
  • Irrespective time and route, the city buses are always crowded
    Corollary: Buses traveelling in exactly opposite direction go empty.
  • The last person on the bus always wants the last stop
  • When your behind time you always get every learner driver in front of you and every light is red
  • No one has the correct change
  • Every dork in the world wants to make stupid conversation and wont get of the bus
    The last four laws were sent by
  • When walking to a bus stop, if you'll look back to see if the bus is coming, it won't, if you won't look back, the bus will pass you just as you'll reach the bus stop.
    Sent by Edson
  • Crystal's Law
    If you wait for a bus for a long time, and decide to leave the station, the bus will arrive just as you're too far away to catch it
    Sent by
  • No matter who you sit next too they will start a cell phone conversation about their Boyfriend or Mothers hospital operation
    Sent by Anthony Sullivan