Murphy's political laws

  • No matter who gets elected, Government always gets in
    Sent by Ramrodder
  • Politics and religion don't mix well
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  • What is neo-capitalism (the neo-capitalism of the ex-socialist countries)?
    Blind alley, leading out of a dead-end street.
  • What is socialism?
    Victory of ideology over clear mind.
    The last two laws were sent by Tony Halmos
  • It's when you are finally on top when everyone finds out all the bad things that you did as a teen, thus ruining your position.
  • Every revolution has its wastage - sounds the wisdom of politicians.
    The loss of the wealth of the nation and absolute poverty of 35% of the population isn't too much?
    (This was the result of the silent revolution of the last decade in Hungary.)
    Sent by Tony
  • We could do worse, we always have.
    Sent by Tony Pizzo
  • Government's debt management program wants you to pay your debt last week, and their debts in 8 to 12 weeks
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  • The worst political candidate will become President
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